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As a general rule, if you are going to paint it, then take a photograph of it. The more accurate photographs you can provide, the more helpful and quick our service will be to you. The following guidelines for photographing your home will ensure that the Coloured By Time service will run smoothly and efficiently. We will be happy to clarify any terminology used below.

What to Photograph:
Begin with each of the four sides of the building. Next, photograph important architectural features such as windows, doors, facias, porches, colonnades, bays, and articulation facades, before taking photos of the smaller details such as frames, front door, and railings. Be sure to include:
All four sides of the house, as best you can. Be sure to fill the viewing frame with the house and not to leave too much “white space” around the structure. General large architectural details such as porches (front & back) gables, bays and towers. Details such as a typical window and changes in siding types. Special details such as bay windows, entryways, doors, brackets and roof cornices; especially close-ups of details on porches.

Specific House Features to Include:
What you need to include in the photographs -- starting from the roof and working down:
 • Chimney(s)
 • Roof – gutters – downspouts – scuppers
 • Eaves – rattails – corbels – fascia
 • Siding – shingles (more than one type?) – clapboard – vents – other
 • Foundation
 • Doors and Windows – mullions – muntins – styles – rails
 • Porches – columns – rails – steps – brackets – cornices
 • Other architectural features or trims – turrets – gables – bays
Please note: we may request any additional images that may be needed.

Capturing your house in the best lighting is crucial. Try to take the pictures on a cloudy day. If this isn’t possible, wait for the sun to shine on the portion of your building which you plan to photograph. It is extremely difficult to analyze your home and its features when it is in a shadow on a photograph. You may need to photograph your house at different times of the day or on multiple days to capture the best photographs.

Sending Photographs/Format
Once you have reviewed and selected the views, send the pictures to us. Digital images can be sent on a CD or emailed. Due to server restrictions on email size, please keep attached photos to less than 5 mgs per email. Individual digital photograph resolution and file size does not need to be large; files should be about 150dpi, with an output size of 5” x 7”. Sending all the images on a CD is preferred. For standard prints, mail the photos or scan them and burn them on a CD.

We are now accepting clients for all the 2009-2010 paint seasons.

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